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iSample 2.0 is a very powerful sample based music production tool. New with the 2.0 update are an array of features that make iSample a leader among the beat making / pocket studio apps. iSample ships with over 50 MBs of samples created by Mutato Muzika (founded and run by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh) that provide a great starting place to create your own jams, and also to get started with iSample.

Here's what people are saying about iSample 2.0:

"iSample is incredibly deep, containing features found normally on professional audio software costing far more. And itís loads of fun to play with." - Roger Linn (of Roger Linn Designs and MPC inventor)

".... the functionality you've put into the new version is astounding. It took me all of 5 mins to work out how to use it. It's so logical" - Darren Scarce (iSample 1.0 owner)

"Wayoutware has created a an extremely cool app here with ISample. It's not only a very solid sampler for the iphone, but it also elegantly opens up new avenues of creativity which I have really enjoyed exploring. This is the way an iphone music app should be!" - Jordan Rudess (Keyboardist for Dream Theater and an iPhone music expert)

If you would like to learn more about iSample, please click here to check out the iSample 2.0 manual

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iSample 2.0 is very feature rich such that covering all features in a list is difficult at best. Below is an attempt to do so.


  • 6 separate sampler engines that can record and playback and loop samples up to 30 seconds in length.
  • WiFi Sharing that allow you to upload and download samples using a clean and powerful web browser based interface.
  • Easily accessible tempo management with a Tap feature.
  • Sample trimming with pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling and scrubbing.
  • Tempo based sample length quantization.
  • Graphical Looper screen that allow you to position samples dynamically while looping.
  • 6-channel Mixer.
  • Delay and Reverb effects.
  • Pattern sequencer with 12 stored patterns.
  • Song mode that allows you to chain patterns together to create songs.
  • Ergonomically designed for the iPhone or iPod touch screen.
  • Even large fingers can play easily.
  • Unique multi-touch recording makes for very fast and accurate mutiple sample captures and accurate slicing of sounds.
  • Record lock feature allows you to create longer recordings without touching the pads.
  • 6 sample pads with direct to file recording.
  • Very fast response to pad touches.
  • Up to 6 samples can be played at the same time.
  • Banks of pads can be saved and loaded.

    For an optimum iSample experience follow these sampling guidelines:

  • Because of the built in iPhone condenser microhpone the cleanest samples come from a very quiet setting. The louder the room, the poorer the samples. Louder individual sounds in a quiet room create ideal samples.
  • Since you can actually capture more than one sample at a time, you can use a pad to create one long sample, and then create secondary shorter samples within the larger sample on other pads. This allows you to play the pads in interesting ways.
  • way out ware!

    iSample 2.0 Video Contest
    We have been having a bit of fun here using iSample 2.0 and we decided it would be fun to see how other people are using it, so we have decided to have a Video Contest.

    Click here to find out about the contest and view the entries so far!.

    Jim Demos iSample 2.0 for Sonic State

    iSample is now available in the App Store! Click here to view iSample in the App Store

    Above, Jim Heintz demonstrates iSample 2.0 using one of the many built in sound banks.

    iSample 2.0 Rocks the house! We have expanded on the features of iSample 1.0 to include sample trimming, length quantize, scrubbing, mixing, step-sequencing, a song list, a loop que/viewer screen, a delay, reverb, WiFi Sharing and much more. You can check out the iSample 2.0 Manual by clicking here.

    We have worked hard to make iSample the most stable and fastest app of its kind on the iPhone. The unique multi-touch recording feature makes it very easy to create interesting samples to play with on the main pads. Also, the 6 large sample pads make iSample very easy to play quickly and accurately.

    There are a lot of great additional features in the works, but as it is now, it is already a very powerful sampler.

    According to John Enroth of Mutato Muzika, all you need is iSample an your refrigerator to make "ICE COLD BEATS!".

    Sample Your World!

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