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KikAXXE is now available for download! It supports RTAS, AU Instrument, AU Effect, VST Instrument, and VST Effect plug-in and standalone application for Mac OSX (PPC and Intel), and RTAS, VST Instrument, and VST Effect for Windows (XP or Vista).

The latest version is 1.1 and includes MIDI out for both the step sequencer and drum sequencer under VST and RTAS. Also, MIDI mapping of controllers has been re-worked to support multiple layers of mappings. This enables you to have a 'base' map and then load session or patch specific mappings on top without loosing your basic settings. The standalone host has also been improved to support MIDI beat clock and MIDI start and stop messages to remotely control KikAXXE from a MIDI drum machine or foot controller.

Fill out the form below, and download a Tryout version of KikAXXE. The program will be fully functional for 30 days from time of installation.

You can fully authorize your Tryout installation by clicking the "Buy" button that appears each time you start your host recording program. There is no need to download KikAXXE installer again.

Fill out the form below to download the KikAXXE installer. When you start the program after installation, click on the "Buy" button and enter your payment information.

The price is $69.95US. This price includes 4 full licenses. Each license will allow one computer to run KikAXXE on all available versions for that platform. You can also store a license on an iLok USB device to enable transporting your license between computers.

No box is supplied with the download version.

Questions? Send an email to Support.

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